Pink Pink Makes The Boys Wink


Pink Pink Makes The Boys Wink! This pretty in pink design looks very girly and cute and is easy to create using the right products and techniques. Read on to find out how to create this look yourself at home.

The products I used to create this look is Models Own Nail Varnishes and OPI Base Coat and Top Coat the pictures show below.

pinkThe baby pink colour used on all of the nails is Bow Pink from the Sticky Fingers range and the pink glitter used on the ring fingers is Pink Fizz from the Glitter range.







Always use a good Base Coat and Top Coat before and after applying nail varnish as it protects the nails from unwanted staining

OPIand helps protect your varnish. I use OPI Top Coat and Base coat shown to the left as they always do a great job of protecting my nails.


Steps for creating this look

1. Make sure the nails are clean of any dirt and oils by giving them a wipe over with nail varnish remover.

2. File the nails to get the required shape and length that you want remembering to file in 1 direction only as filing backwards and forwards can cause the nails to flake and go dry.

3. Apply your base coat and wait for this to dry.

4. Apply for first coat of Models Own Bow Pink varnish over all of the nails  and wait for this to dry before applying a second coat.

5. Wait for this to dry before applying Pink Fizz Glitter varnish over the ring fingers only 1 coat of this was needed.

8. Once they have all dried apply the top coat to the nail to protect the varnish.

9. (Optional) Once the top coat has dried I massage my hands with some hand cream to soften my whole hands to give you 820747the feeling of a pamper and to moisturise the hands and nails. (Recommendation)- One of the hand creams I use for this is Sanctuary spa hand cream which has the ingredient Shea Butter in it which is known for being a great moisturising agent. This is a great product for very dry hands.



Note: The Bow Pink nail varnish comes with a pack of stickers for the nails these can be applied to the other nails. I have not applied them to my nails on the picture shown at the top of the page.

Have you created this look ?

What products did you use? We look forward hearing from you please leave your comments below.