Nail Polish Rack – Build Your Own Nail Polish Storage Rack

Nail Polish Rack will come in very handy for storing all of your nail polish colours as your collection of varnishes and polishes grows. Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as too many nail polishes, however there definitely becomes a point where nail polish storage becomes a tad tricky. So what is the best place to store these and why is nail polish storage important?

Think of your nail polish collection as you’re clothes. Would you leave clothes lying around randomly? We dont think so. Chances are you’ll keep them in an organised wardrobe. Well the nail polish rack is our wardrobe here. Efficient nail polish storage allows you to easily organise, and display nail polish colours, whilst making finding them easier. So that is why at Easy nail art, we would highly recommend a nail polish rackToday we’ll explain, step by step, how to build your own Nail Polish Rack. Drop the bottles of nail polish for a moment girls, and pick up your DIY belt :) (or your dad’s or partners!)

Nail Polish Rack DIY

So we’re going to explain how to build a nail polish rack. Stop looking for a cheap nail polish rack, and build your own. The quality will be better (providing your follow our DIY nail polish rack tutorial)

What you’ll need to create your own nail polish rack

  • 1″x2″ wood for the sides of the nail polish rack and for the shelves. This size is perfect for the size of nail polish bottles.
  • Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Dry Wall Anchords that support upto 75lbs
  • Nail Filler
  • Paint (Optional)
  • Sand Paper – To smooth the wood
  • Tape Measure
  • Hand Saw

A good sized nail polish rack which measure around 30 inches by 25 inches. The number of shelves is up to you. Of course the size of your nail polish rack may need to be bigger if you have more nail polish to store, or smaller if you don’t have have the need for a mass amount of nail polish storage.

Step 1.
Cut your wood to the desired length to be used as a shelf on your nail polish storage rack.

Step 2.
Lay your wood on an even surface & measure this distance. This is done to make sure your shelves will be evenly spaced.

Step 3.
Take these wooden shelf pieces and scren them onto right and left sides of the shelf. Screw all one one side then all of the other, don’t worry about getting each shelf done before moving onto the next one.

Step 4.
Next you will need to glue , followed by screwing the trimmed wooden pieces to the front of the shelves to stop your nail polishes falling over.

Step 5.
Fill in all of the screw holes so that there is no nasty marks left on your nail polish rack. We want this to look as beautiful as the nail art design!

Step 6 (optional)
Apply your chosen colour of paint. This is optional.

Step 7.
Screw any hanging hooks onto the top corners.

Step 8.
Hang your nail polish rack on the wall, and begin storing your nail polish colours.

Easy nail art has hopefully lived up to its nail and provided you with easy nail polish storage solution. We would highly recommend a nail polish rack to store all of your nail varnish bottles on. Thank you for reading, we hope this easy nail art tutorial helps :)