What is Nail Glue, & how is it used in Nail Art?

Nail Glue is what nail technicians used to apply nail tips to the natural nail, or when gluing a fibreglass wrap or silk wrap, along with acrylic nail systems. What exactly is nail glue though, and what is it used for in nail art?

The technical name for nail glue is cyanoacrylate glue. This nail glue can often be referred to as resin, and is made from the chemical cyanoacrylate. This chemical is a fast acting adhesive, and is the most common option when performing easy nail art applications. This glue cures to the nail, and hardens when making contact with moisture. Cyanoacrylate is also the main compound used in what we refer to as the modern day “instant glue”, not just nail art glue.

How does Nail Glue work?

Cyanoacrylate is an acrylic resin, and as already stated, hardens & cures when in contact with moisture. Anything that can bond with this glue has molecules in it that form long chains which hardens swiftly by creating an extremely robust and tough plastic mesh. This makes this type of nail glue perfect for creating easy nail art designs, or applying acrylic nails or nail product to a natural nail.

How is nail glue used?

Nail glue is typically used to apply nail wraps and add strength to natural nails, and also is a good match when working with wraps, as it does not add any thickness to the nail. This also holds the nail wrap firmly in place.

Nail Glue

Left – Good Nail Glue Application. Right – Bad Nail Glue Application.

Nail glue sets fast, with out any kind of residue or sticky layer or surface. This can then be buffed to leave the nail with a shiny finish. After it has set, the nail could also have a nail polish applied to it, or even UV gel nail polish. Nail glue can also be used to apply nail tips to the natural nail, along with an acrylic nail dipping procedure, in conjunction with acrylic nail powder to add further strength and firmness to the nail, allowing it to be easily shaped. In order to remove nail glue, you can follow our how to remove acrylic nails tutorial.

Nail glue has a multitude of uses, and should be an essential nail product in any nail technicians tool kit.

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