Nail Art – The Beginners Guide To Easy Nail Art

Easy Nail Art is a wonderful, creative beautiful practice that allows ladies of any age to have beautiful nails. To an outsider of the nail or beauty industry, or someone who is just learning, a common question will always crop up when nail art is mentioned for the first time. This question, of course, is “what is nail art” then following this we will hear “how to do nail art”. The web definition of nail art is: beautification of the nails with patterns, paintings or other decorative motifs.

In a nut shell, that is nail art covered, however in practice nail art is so much more than this. Easy Nail art designs can be designed from hundreds of materials, practices and nail techniques to give you the most beautiful nails. In this article we’ll give an overview of what nail art is, along with pointing you to some resources showing how do to nail art. If you want to start designing beautiful nail art, then we can point you in the right direction.

What Is Nail Art?

Nail art (or nails art, easy nail art etc) is the creative process of using nail art supplies, nail art products and other nail products to create unique, creative and beautiful designs on the natural nail or artificial nails. Different Nail art designs have differing difficulty levels and skill requirements. Some easy nail art designs may take just seconds to create. For example polka dot nail designs, or a nail decal application. There are of course nail art designs that are very complex, and time consuming to design. Professional nail art designs may take hours to create a full set of nails, and could involve acrylic, gel, and intricate techniques to produce beautiful nail designs.

Easy Nail art is most commonly applied to fingernails, however during the summer many ladies will like to design their toe nails to feel comfortable, classy and sexy when wearing open toed shoes such as flip flops, sandals or when bear footed on the beach. If you are wanting to have nail art applied to your nails, you can have this done at your local salon or nail bar. You may want to learn how to do nail art however, and at easy nail art we have a number of easy nail art tutorials showing you exactly what to do through each step of the way.

Different Types Of Easy Nail Art

There 3 “main” types of nail art techniques. These are freehand nail art, nail art stickers and air brushing.

Nail Stickers

Designing easy nail art using nail stickers (sometimes called nail decals) is the easiest nail art application method. Beginners can create beautiful. easy nail art designs in literally seconds, that look complicated and complex. From characters, to flowers, words and abstract patterns, any type of design can be applied to the nail in just seconds to give a professional nail design. We have a page dedicated to nail stickers if you would like to learn more about them, and how you can use them to design easy nail art.


Designing nail art through airbrushing is the least common technique, but is popular among Asian nail bars and salons. The process involves taking a stencil, placing it over the nail and airbrushing to create the design using polish or acrylic nail paint. It is most common on acrylic nails, however can also be applied to gel or natural nails.

Freehand Nail Art

This is considered the most difficult, and most professional style of nail art. Beginners may initially steer clear of freehand due to the complexity and skill required to create designs that can be easily applied via a sticker in easy nail art applications. However anyone wanting to become a nail technician will use freehand nail art as their bread and butter. There are literally millions of different designs you can create with freehand nail art, the only limitation is your imagination. Given enough practice and time honing your skills, you will be able to up your game from just easy nail art and create beautiful nails. There are a number of methods and nail products that can be used throughout freehand nail art. The most common nail products to when designing nail art by hand are nail polish and acrylic paint. Nail polish is the more common of the 2, as its the easiest to work with, and is commercially more popular and available. Acrylic Nail Paint is fantastic as well however.

Read more about acrylic nail paints here.

Freehand designs require nail art tools such as brushes and files, and the nail designs can be enhanced with nail art accessories such as jewels, nail art stamping plates, rhinestones and more.

You can read more about nail art accessories here.

Nail Polish Designs

This is the most commonly used nail product available. Nail polish, also known as nail varnish it a type of lacquer which is used by all of us ladies to add some colour and character to our nails. Applying nail polish is the most simple way to add some life into our nails, whether this is a set of seductive red nails for valentines day, or a set of multicoloured nails for a music festival. Nail varnish has plasticizers, which forms polymer chains and spaces them to make the film flexible when the coat has been applied. We love nail polish at easy nail art, as its the easiest way girls can get started designing nails. You may not have any desires to be a nail technician, or to learn complex nail application techniques, however with nail varnish you can create a beautiful set of vibrant nails. In recent years, companies such as nails inc have have innovated the way we use nail polish by creating textured effects. These special types of lacquer range from fuzzy, feathered nails and glitter nails.

Make sure to take a look at our recommended nail polishes list.

Artificial Nails – Or “Fake Nails”

Fake nails is perhaps the more common name for artificial nails, however the term fake really does nail art no justice. The types of artificial nails you’ll find to buy in high street retailers are made of plastic, applied using glue and depending upon quality could last for a day to perhaps upto 5 days. When speaking about fake nails, this is typically the type of nail treatment most people are referring to.

Artificial Nails are what savvy nail enthusiasts will say when they are getting their nails done. There are 2 main approaches used in artificial nail treatment. These are nail forms and nail tips.

Nail forms are placed over the nail. This forms the shape and length for the artificial nail. Acrylic is then applied over this, and nail form is removed.

Nail Tips are made of plastic, similar to the “fake nails” you can buy in the high street or from supermarkets. These tips are then applied with glue at the natural nail’s end. When this has been applied, liquid acrylic will be placed over the nail to finish the application.

Acrylic nails and gel nails are the most common types of artificial nail application. You can read more about these here:

What Are Acrylic Nails
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Nail art, whilst common amongst females, is also used by some men. Artificial nails and nails art is popular among transvestites and drag queens to enhance a feminine look. However it is becoming increasingly more popular among guitar players. When guitarists play without the use of a pick, it is important that nails are in perfect condition to play. For this reason, many guitar players look to apply acrylic nails.


How To Do Easy Nail Art

Hopefully we’ve cleared up some of your questions about what nail art is, and how easy nail art can be. Next of course you’ll be wondering how to do nail art. Our easy nail art tutorials have numerous guides and nail tutorial that will help you design beautiful nail art, along with learn some of the basic principles of acrylic and gel nails.

Please check out our easy nail art tutorial page to start learning how to do nails from home today.

You can also check our our nail art video tutorials.

¬†Lastly, if you’re just looking for some design inspiration or motivation, head over to our nail art designs gallery and take a look at our photos.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of what nail art is, and hopefully you’re inspired to start learning. Please share your designs and journeys with us, and I look forward to hearing from you all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our site & newsletter to receive expert tips and to be notified of our latest articles. Thanks for reading :)