Gel Nail Polish – Everything You Need To Know

Gel Nail Polish is the latest advancement in gel uv nails.For decades, hard uv gel was used by women worldwide to get a long lasting gel manicure. Then soak off gels were introduced to the market, which was strides ahead for application and removal practices. The most recent advancement is something that follows a more mainstream nail product, nail polish.

UV Gel Nail Polish

Let’s start by talking about what exactly UV gel nail polish is. Gel nail polish differs to a regular nail polish, in that it is made of UV gel, and requires to be cured under a gel uv lamp. Gel nail varnish comes in a wide range of colours, just like a regular nail polish, or a regular uv nail gel. Gel Nail Polish is a soak off gel. You may find it called soak off gel nail polish on line, or in retailers. Those who want to do gel nails at home can, however the price to do so comes quite high, as we detail below.

Gel Nail Polish Benefits


Gel nail polish is a very durable nail product, which can last upto 3 weeks without any chipping. This is much longer than a regular soak off uv gel or nail polish. Many ladies will opt to have a gel manicure using gel nail polish prior to going on holiday due to the long lasting, durable nature of the product.

Fast Dry Time

Gel nail polish dries extremely quickly, within minutes under a uv gel lamp. This is greatly beneficial as it prevents dents, smudges or smearing from ruining the gel manicure.

Can be Applied to the Natural Nail

UV gel nail polish can be applied directly onto the natural nail, making a gel manicure an easy nail treatment. Just like a regular nail polish, gel nail varnish can be applied onto the natural nail without the need for extensions or tips. Of course those who are looking to increase the length of their nails can opt to use extensions or gel nail tips.

Can be layered

Whilst gel polish is long lasting, perhaps 3 weeks is too long to stick with just one colour. One of the best features about gel polish, is that it can be painted over with a different colour of regular nail polish. If you get bored of this and want to revert to your gel colour you can. Simply remove the nail polish with acetone to reveal the gel manicure once more.

Gel Nail Polish Negatives

Stuck With 1 Colour

Whilst you can change colour by applying a coat of regular nail polish, in order to change the gel polish colour, you must remove the gel polish completely, before applying another coat or colour. As UV Gel nail polish is a soak off gel, you can remove it using the soak off gel method following our how to remove gel nails guide.


One of the biggest draw backs we here at easy nail art from both clients and nail product customers is the cost. This causes a major entry barrier for many people wanting to try¬†gel nail polish. Nail bar’s and nail salon’s will charge a premium for a gel manicure that uses gel uv nail varnish, as the cost of these gel polishses is high at the retail level. For those wanting to do gel nails at home, it doesn’t come cheap. In order to carry out your own gel manicure and do gel nails at home, you will need gel polish and a gel lamp. Not a cheap set up at all.

Growth Of Nail Shows

Natural nail growth shows when wearing gel polish, and is made more apparent when a dark gel nail polish colour has been used.

Best Nail Polish Brands

Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish

Bio sculpture is our gel nail polish brand of choice, due to its excellent quality, fantastic colour selection and fair pricing. If you’d like an alternative then check out our top gel nail polish choices article.

You can get a gel nail polish manicure at most nail bars or salons, and can even do gel nails at home, however set up is pricey. We hope this explanation of what UV gel nail polish is hash helped you. As always, thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe to our blog & newsletter.