Blue and White Sparkle Nails


This gorgeous baby blue with white glittery ring finger design looks beautiful and is great for an all year round look. It is very simple to create with the right products read on to find out how to create this look yourself.

In order to create this look you need the products shown below these products are Models Own Nail Varnishes and OPI Base Coat and Top Coat. However you could use other makes of varnish if you prefer I just use these products as I have tried and tested them and seen great results from using them. You could use other colours other than blue if you prefer and play around with different colour glitter too. 

GlitterThe varnish used to colour all of nails but the ring finger is Blueberry Muffin from the Scented range. The varnish in the middle is Blizzard from the Glitter range and the white varnish is White Light from the HyperGel range. Models Own are great for doing easy but beautiful designs with your nails. They are really easy to apply and last for a long time without chipping. I received a lot of compliments from this design.

When painting your nails always ensure that you use a good Base Coat and Top Coat I use OPI products shown right for this which OPIhelps protect your nails from any staining and protects your varnish from chipping and gives a lovely shiny finish to the nail.

How to create the look

1. Make sure the nails are clean of any dirt and oils by giving them a wipe over with nail varnish remover.

2. File the nails to get the required shape and length that you want remembering to file in 1 direction only as filing backwards and forwards can cause the nails to flake and go dry.

3. Apply your base coat and wait for this to dry.

4. Apply for first coat of Models Own Blueberry Muffin Nail Varnish wait for this to dry before applying a second coat. Remember to leave your ring fingers free from any of varnish for now.

5. Wait for this to dry before applying the varnish to your ring fingers and its easy to knock the nails you have already painted when trying to paint the ring fingers.

6. Apply a coat of White Light HyperGel varnish wait for this to dry before applying a second coat to the nail then wait for this to dry.

7. Once this has dried take Blizzard Glitter varnish and apply this on top of the white varnish on the ring fingers I only had to apply one coat of this as it had a lot of glitter in it.

8. Once they have all dried apply the top coat to the nail to protect the varnish.

9. (Optional) Once the top coat has dried I massage my hands with some hand cream to soften my whole hands to give you the e7b99d5ab77b3452a09071b100063141feeling of a pamper and to moisturise the hands and nails. (Recommendation)- The hand cream I use after painting my nails is Loccitane Fleur Cherie which smells divine and sinks in well whilst providing the moisturisation that your hands need the texture is more like a gel than a cream meaning it does not leave the hands greasy.

Have you tried this look what did you think and what products did you use to achieve it?

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.